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Expert HR Consulting

Seamless Compliance Solutions for Mission-Driven Organizations

Navigating the complexities of global HR and TA compliance can be challenging. At The Libby Company, we conduct thorough assessments to ensure your organization adheres to all relevant regulations, minimizing risk and ensuring seamless international operations.

HR Compliance and Regulations The Libby Company

We audit your compliance practices and job descriptions, providing tailored recommendations to mitigate legal risks and ensure regulatory adherence, so you can focus on your mission.

Compliance Audit & Recommendations

We review and revise your offer and employment agreements to ensure they are legally compliant, providing clarity in legal terms and reducing legal exposure, supporting your organization's integrity.

Offer & Employment Agreement Review

Our training programs for interviewers and hiring managers enhance compliance and candidate experience, leading to a more compliant and efficient hiring process that aligns with your mission-driven goals.

Interviewer & Hiring Manager Training

We develop tailored accommodation policies and streamlined processes to enhance workplace inclusivity and compliance assurance, fostering a supportive environment for your dedicated team.

Accommodations Policy & Process

Our Compliance Services

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Solutions:

Customized recommendations and policy development that align with your mission.

Legal Clarity:

Ensuring all agreements are clear and compliant to protect your organization's integrity.

Enhanced Hiring Process:

Improving compliance and candidate experience to support your mission.

Inclusive Workplaces:

Creating policies that promote inclusivity and regulatory adherence.

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