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Expert HR Consulting

Drive Your Mission Forward with Strategic HR Solutions

At The Libby Company, we understand the importance of planning for the future. That's why we design robust and scalable HR infrastructure for your organization's continued success. With our forward-thinking approach, you can stay agile and adapt to changing market dynamics with ease.

The Libby Company HR Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy Services

We develop strategic workforce planning and location strategies that align with your organization's mission and business goals, optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring your workforce is aligned with your mission.

Workforce Planning & Location Strategy

We implement employee referral programs addressing incentive, systems, and tracking gaps, resulting in increased employee engagement and enhanced recruitment through referrals, supporting your organization's growth and impact.

Employee Referral Program Implementation

We optimize sourcing strategies to improve candidate experience, engagement, and recruitment outcomes, delivering enhanced candidate quality, reduced time-to-fill, and increased brand engagement, helping you attract the right talent to further your mission.

Sourcing Strategy Optimization

Why Choose Us?

Mission-Driven Focus:

We tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of organizations serving survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking.

Strategic Planning:

Our forward-thinking approach ensures your HR programs support your long-term goals.

Operational Efficiency:

We optimize processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Employee Engagement:

Our programs foster a supportive and engaged workforce dedicated to your mission.

Impactful Recruitment:

We help you attract top talent who are passionate about making a difference.

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